What’s on – Public Meetings

Did you miss Tim Benton’s talk in the Clarke Foley Centre on Monday 27th September.?

His presentation saved as a pdf file is available here

What’s on – Meetings and Events.  All welcome.

The main topic for this meeting is Heat Pumps and anyone interested in this subject is welcome to attend .

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It’s good to talk. Climate Action Ilkley exists to raise awareness and understanding. An important part of that is to enable people to just talk informally, ask questions and share opinions. As you might in a pub or café.

So we’d like to restart the All Welcome evening sessions we had last winter, but with a variation. To get the conversation going a member will talk for five minutes on a topic of their choice. Then anyone can ask questions or share their own views and experiences. We’ll schedule it for an hour and maybe aim to keep to the starting topic for the first half. Then we could move on to other issues which might or might not be in the news. People can feel free to drop in and out.

The first of these sessions will be at 19:30 on Thursday 16 December. Steve Peel will start us off with ‘COP26 – success or failure?’

The Zoom Link is:-  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81122316941?pwd=d2RjNERMTFNQTmlJWEpQNUM4VU5RZz09