What’s on – Public Meetings

Rick Battarbee gave a talk via Zoom entitled “Water in the Dales: are we keeping up with climate change?” on 8th December.

A recording of his talk is available here

What’s on – Workgroup  Meetings.  All meetings are via Zoom

All members are welcome to this meeting.

The link to the meeting will be published here before the meeting.

Online meeting next Thursday, 14th January at 7:30: The Green Homes Grant: opportunity or pitfall? The introduction of the GHG has stimulated much interest in replacing gas boilers with heat pumps, which although in principle a good idea, could in some circumstances be a costly error.
Rod Holt is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: the Green Homes Grant

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Amy Stidworthy of CERC (Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants) will talk about air pollution and its measurement, harmful effects, etc. to inform our deliberations about what we might do next on this front.

There will also be an update on our successful bid for an award from the Postcode Lottery Fund.

The Zoom link to the meeting is available in the Transport channel in Slack.

The Zoom link will be available in the nature-food-water channel on Slack nearer the time.
We will be joined by Ed Duguid from Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks (FoIRP), Karen Shackleton and Ian Brand from Wharfedale Naturalists, and Miriam Baines, Bradford Council Biodiversity Officer. Agenda items are likely to include:
  • Peat campaign
  • Tree trail
  • ‘Balsam Bash 2021’
  • FoIRP meadow creation
  • ‘No to Mow’ campaign?
  • Wider opportunities for biodiversity and carbon capture
  • Food campaign.