Our Trustees are elected by members at the AGM.  The trustees in 2021 are listed below with a short biography.

I have lived for just over 20 years in Ilkley. I retired early and strangely became involved in Climate Action Ilkley. I have no particular experience, skills or qualifications that led me to get involved. I just started to wonder how we should respond to something called an emergency, that we face an existential threat. I am not attracted to hope. I like to wonder about how we can best live together and share this planet. It is the only home we have. What else matters? We do the best we can and see what happens. We are not sure. It’s an improvisation. Let’s have some fun maybe too. I would like to be able to juggle and make bread too.
         Email:  chair@climateactionilkley.org.uk

Mike has been active within the environment movement for over thirty years. Originally from near Brighton, he has lived in Ilkley since 2018, before which he lived in Derbyshire where he helped found Transition New Mills. He has worked as a teacher, software developer, and most recently at the University of Leeds supporting materials science research. He is currently pursuing a PhD in psychology examining the relationship between diet and psychic ability. When not thinking about metaphysics and the ‘paranormal’, Mike enjoys (vegan) cooking, jigsaws, hiking, novels, and too much TV.
    Email:  secretary@climateactionilkley.org.uk

Steve is from Nottingham and studied agriculture at his local university, despite having no family connection with farming. After working on several farms, and a short spell selling climbing equipment, he joined the Grassland Research Institute, based in Berkshire but doing surveys and studies throughout England and Wales. He switched to advisory work in the mid 1980s and his work evolved towards the impact of farming on the environment and measures to mitigate it and restore biodiversity. From 1998 until retirement in 2017 he worked for Natural England and predecessor bodies. He moved to Ilkley in 2000. Steve’s wife Carol worked in the Grove Bookshop until January 2021. They have three grown-up

email:  landnature@climateactionilkley.org.uk

Keith has lived in Ilkley for over 25 years and is passionate about protecting and enhancing our environment, especially tackling climate change. He has degrees in science & engineering and a PhD in renewable energy. He’s a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist, his work included developing wind farms, biomass, solar & water projects and leading sustainability teams at Leeds and Nottingham universities.  Keith is a member of Leeds Diocese Justice & Peace climate group, and promotes sustainability initiatives at St John Fisher & Thomas More church in Burley.  He likes walking & cycling, running half marathons, he’s a big Canaries fan (OTBC!).

Email:  kath@climateactionilkley.org.uk